Whales Watching in Cabos Baja

You can not miss the chance to feel overwhelmed by this wonderful experience during your vacation at Los Cabos. 

One of the greatest wildlife experiences on Earth! 

Looking at the map of Pacific coast of Mexico, you will see a long stretch of land that reaches up to 1,300 km (800 miles). This is Baja – one of the longest peninsulas in the world and absolutely number one place in the world to watch whales in all their magnificence.

With all its bays and lagoons, the most popular of which is by no doubt San Ignacio, the Sea of Cortéz turns once a year into a true home to a greater variety of whales and dolphins than anywhere else on the Earth. This is a life-time experience that you shall not miss!!! After their summer feeding in the Arctics near to Alaska, a wide range of these beautiful creatures migrate here every winter to socialize, mate and calve their youngs. For only about few months in year, a large portion of the world population of grey whales gathers here, in just four mangrove lagoons. This makes Baja California an absolutely ideal observation point not only for various amateur watchers, but also for numerous zoologists, and other scientists, who come to conduct their research here.

Any true romantic spirit who aspires to discover all the secrets of our mother nature and seeks a little bit of adventure cannot miss a chance to feel overwhelmed by this wonderful experience. You can easily rent a boat from local fishermen or any of the local companies, who will guide you around and show you the species. One of the most popular ones are grey whales. Don’t hesitate to touch them! They are considered the friendliest and one of the most playful whales. Sometimes it’s hard to say who came to watch whom, as they love to interact. You won’t forget watching them breeching and passing by the bow of the boat, hovering at the surface and slapping their tail fluke repeatedly against the ocean surface.

Just grab this opportunity and come to Baja California. You won’t forget the buzz of anticipation you will feel every time you head out to sea. After all, you never know when a shoal of boisterous common dolphins appears and starts to frolic around your boat or when you get surrounded by deep-diving sperm whales. One moment you would feel astonished by the presence of the rare and elusive Peruvian beaked whales and the other, an inquisitive fin whale could be swimming alongside. Just listen to humpback whales singing their alien songs or touch the backs of the gargantuan blue whales.

There is an obvious reason why this place is often nicknamed as "Mexican Galápagos". Similarly, there are only few whale-watching boats. It is a place of peace and tranquillity. So most of the time, you can admire this natural beauty and have all its majestic wildlife just to yourself. Once you get there you will never want to come back to civilization.

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